Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What Exactly Is Resin?

I LOVE making resin jewelry. It's tons of fun to use.

Right now you might be wondering to yourself, "What the heck is resin?!?" I'll be happy to explain.

Resin is a two-part material that when mixed together will harden into a plastic. The 3 main types of Resins are Epoxy, Polyester and Poly-Urethane based. Each type of material requires a base and then an activator to be mixed to cause a chemical reaction. Most resins give off an odor that can be offensive, even it is used in open well-ventilated spaces. In the case of the Epoxy and Polyster resins the mixture can be tricky because the percent of activator is usually different from the amount of the base. Also it not unusual for these resin to take hours to set-up and sometimes a full 24 hours is necessary for complete curing. One advantage of that these materials is they can allow longer working times after pouring the resin into a mold.

Because of its versatility, lightness, plus the introduction of easy to mix, non-toxic, low-odor products, resin's popularity has soared. Resin has a wonderful appeal for its glass-like properties from crystal clear to translucent glowing hues.


Amber Dawn said...

Awesome! I spent the weekend trying to figure out how to make resin jewelry for Christmas gifts. Specifically resin portrait jewelry.

The Naked Mushroom said...

I love resin, but I love the way you use and the innovative things you put inside it! Super cute work!

Avelyn said...

hi =D I'm currently experimenting on resin. I had a problem, the finished product is kind of blurry on the sides, any idea what may cause the blurring of the sides? the center of the resin is clear though.